My work is a reaction to “contemporary anxieties”. These involve the climate crisis, the rise of fascism worldwide, the drug crisis, existentialism and trans-humanism. Within this anxiety exists a constant feeling of futility. Large corporations, billionaire projects, and irresponsible governments destroy the foundation of life with complete indifference. I find a morbid fascination with this sense of futility at the brink of human extinction. I aim to disturb and forcibly instill these anxieties on the viewer by translating them into work that is both thought provoking and emotionally disturbing. I present harsh, unwelcoming, and destructive environments with surrealist horror, magical realist aesthetics, and harsh noise. 

The subject of my work consists of creatures made from the anthropomorphization of these emotions. I imagine how our body would distort to reflect our fears. The unrelenting abstraction and mutilation of the human body assaults the senses and numbs the viewer to violence. From this numbness, originates a fascination in the detail, the lack of morality, and the bastardization of the figure. There is no balance between the grotesque and the ethereal; all that remains is catharsis and destruction. The creatures don’t exist in our nightmares but in the consequences of our existence. Every piece reflects the respective political and social issues that inspire them as much as their existential position. Distraught textures and materiality are a focus in the work in order to create a sort of “organicity” to these otherwise synthetic materials. Electronic, noise, and deconstructed dance music infiltrate the work creating alienating soundscapes that aid in the construction of these unwelcoming spaces. My work yearns for change, presenting hope through its devoid and forlorn aesthetic: a scream of despair that begs for action in our dying world.